Juneau - New Brentwood Condo Development

New Brentwood Presale Announcement: Juneau by Amacon at 2285 Willingdon Ave As soon as a sign goes up in the neighbourhood I have people asking what’s going on, and the questions are rolling in about the latest Brentwood presale: Juneau by Amacon

While most of the finer details are still under wraps, we know a few key details about this upcoming tower. (Yup, a tower!) Nestled in close to The Dawson -- also a steller Amacon project -- Juneau will rise from the rows of older office towers at the corner of Juneau and Willingdon and grace us with contemporary style and boutique living.

(Don’t worry, Prostock is safe for now.)

Juneau will be home to 147 units on 23 floors, and I can only imagine it will include all the features and amenities we’ve come to expect. There are no concept photos yet, but you know it’s going to be a looker with such a prominent location.  

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