Akimbo in Brentwood

Akimbo Brentwood Burnaby
Sometimes it feels like if you've seen one tower, you've seen 'em all. Visiting presentation centres and presale events can start to feel like the movie Groundhog Day and the details sort of blur together.

I know, not something an agent is supposed to say but we definitely all feel this way from time to time.

In a market full of high rises, what does a developer need to do to stand out? Build a tower that's worthy of everyone's attention! And that's just what Imani and Key Marketing are doing with Akimbo in Brentwood.

In terms of location, this is one of my favourite spots in Brentwood. The tower is smack dab between Brentwood and Gilmore stations, so dealer's choice on which rapid transit station works best for you to dart around the city. 

At Akimbo's doorstep is a completely livable community. There's everything you could need from groceries (Whole Foods, Save on Foods) to medical (a million wellness spots and clinics) to exercise (F45, Driftwood, 30 Minute Hit) all within a block or two. Akimbo will be next door to Gilmore Place, the master planned community bringing a revamped streetscape to Dawson Street full of retail and offices for a quick commute and dinner dash.

For the tower itself, prepare for stunning architecture where form meets function, featuring jutting balconies to create visual interest and natural sun shade on patios. Amenities include a fitness centre, boardroom, outdoor podium courtyard with a barbecue, dining area and lounge, lawn, garden plots and children play area for the little ones to get their wiggles out a step from home.

Suites have air conditioning, access to 24/7 concierge, and each home comes with parking and storage. 

Akimbo is slated to complete in Spring Summer 2022. Prices start in the low 500s, and deals are on now if you act fast!

Want to call Akimbo home? Give me a text at 604-307-5408 or contact me here