February 2019

Akimbo in Brentwood

Posted on Feb 22, 2019

Akimbo Brentwood Burnaby
Sometimes it feels like if you've seen one tower, you've seen 'em all. Visiting presentation centres and presale events can start to feel like the movie Groundhog Day and the details sort of blur together.

I know, not something an agent is supposed to say but we definitely all feel this way from time to time.

In a market full of high rises, what does...

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F45 Fitness Studio Opening in Brentwood

Posted on Feb 16, 2019

I’m not going to lie. I was really hoping for a coffee shop to open up in the retail spots on the corner of Dawson and Willingdon. One by one other stores started filling in the leases, but I was holding out hope for this last little spot.

A few weeks ago a sign for F45 went up on the door and my heart sank a teeny tiny bit...
until I googled what F4...

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